How to take class notes in Notion | Notion for students #2


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Download the free template set here: Welcome to part #2 of the Notion for students series! In this short video series, I’m going to show you an organizational system in Notion that you can use to get started with organizing your college life in Notion! This whole series is built around a free set of templates, that give you a great starting point for your system, without you having to set everything up yourself!


  • Create your Notion account here:
  • Learn more about Notion databases here:
  • Learn more about using Notion as a text editor here:


  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 0:43 – Introducing the databases
  • 1:44 – Learn more about Notion databases
  • 2:04 – Writing notes
  • 3:54 – Adding blocks in Notion
  • 4:30 – Working with files
  • 5:24 – Other useful blocks
  • 7:22 – Taking notes on PDFs
  • 8:24 – Using the web clipper
  • 9:38 – Notion templates
  • 12:52 – Outro



Music by Chinsaku – Blossom –

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