My online courses

Most of the content I publish on YouTube or my newsletter is completely free, but for a even more in-depth look and a more structured approach, you can check out my online courses đŸ˜‰

Notion 101: Organize your personal & work life

Get to know Notion from the beginning and start building out your workspace to manage your personal & work life.

Elementor 101: Design great WordPress websites

Learn how to design beautiful websites using WordPress & the Elementor page builder. Absolutely no coding required!

Zapier 101: Automate boring & repetitive work

Learn how to use Zapier to automate processes in your business that will save you time & free you of boring work!

Todoist 101: Learn how to manage tasks effectively

Learn how to use Todoist  to manage all of your tasks effectively, using all of Todoist’s great features!