Active recall & spaced repetition in Notion | Notion for students #4


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Welcome to the Notion for students series! In this short video series, I’m going to show you an organizational system in Notion that you can use to get started with organizing your college life in Notion! This whole series is built around a free set of templates, that give you a great starting point for your system, without you having to set everything up yourself! Create your Notion account here:


  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:47 – What is active recall?
  • 01:20 – How it works
  • 01:53 – Implementing active recall in Notion
  • 04:54 – What is spaced repetition?
  • 05:33 – Implementing spaced repetition in Notion
  • 07:48 – Extra tip: use the app
  • 08:15 – Outro


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